Cycling Training

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Training for Everyone


Novice riders who want to build fitness & improve overall health

  • The basic cycling concepts
  • Cycle fit
  • Prior experience in cycling not required
  • Drills, Strength training. etc.
  • 3 days of cycling workouts & a day of gym session per week
  • 4 online expert sessions


Riders looking to enhance cycling abilities, speed and endurance.

  • Technical aspects
  • Basic cycling experienced required
  • Off-bike exercises – Cadence, Power, Endurance, etc.
  • 3 days of cycling workouts & 2 days of gym sessions per week
  • 4 online expert sessions


Experienced Riders looking to conquer specific distance, speed or terrain targets

  • Advanced Techniques for cycling
  • Schedules aligned to goals
  • Drills, Off-bike exercises, Strength training
  • 3 days of cycling workouts & 2 days of gym sessions per week
  • Basic cycling experienced required

JJ Active

Fitness is not achieved by chance!

At JJs we recognize that Fitness, and success in any sport, is achieved only by proper planning and dedicated training. In the last 6 years, JJs has helped thousands to achieve their fitness goals or competitive goals in events like 10km, Half Marathons & Marathons, through comprehensive training programs covering all aspects like stamina, strength, nutrition, injury management etc. These programs are conducted in 27 centres, across many cities in India. JJs offer multiple programs to suit your interests, current fitness levels and personal goals. You can choose the most suitable program for you.

Our Trainer

Coach Abhijit

  • Former National Champion & National Record holder
  • Represented India in many International competitions
  • National level coach
  • Chief coach West Bengal team
  • UCI & NIS Grade A certified coach

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