Shimano SM-RT54 Center Lock Brake Rotor w/ Internal Toothing – 2019 Model

Shimano SM-RT54 Center Lock brake rotor – only for resin pads.

The Shimano SM-RT54 brake rotor is compatible with organic brake pads with a wide pad shape. It consists of a stainless steel body on aluminium spider and comes with a lockring that has the classic internal toothing. Use SM-RT54 for disc brakes from the XTR, XT, SLX, Deore, Saint, ZEE, Alfine series and many other groupless MTB, City & Touring and Road brakes.

Technical Information:

Mount: Center Lock

Diameter: 160 mm

Design: 2-piece

Rotor Material: stainless steel

Spider Material: aluminium

Lockring Material: steel

Approved For:

Brake Compatibility: BR-M9100, BR-M9120, BR-M9000, BR-M9020, BR-M8100, BR-M8120, BR-M8000, BR-M8020, BR-M7100, BR-M7120, BR-M7000, BR-M6100, BR-M6120, BR-M6000, BR-MT520, BR-MT420, BR-M820, BR-M640, BR-S7000, BR-S700, BR-T675, BR-T615, BR-M4050, BR-MT500, BR-M446, BR-MT400, BR-M3050, BR-M395, BR-M375, BR-MT200, BR-M365, BR-M355, BR-M315, BR-TX805, BR-UR300, BR-R9170, BR-R8070, BR-R7070, BR-RS805, BR-R785, BR-RS785, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RX810, BR-RX400

Brake Pad Compatibility: organic


– performance indicator: select (level 1 out of 3)

– heat-treated

– painted spider, polished rotor, plated lockring (internal teeth)

– for brake pads with wide pad shape

Note: For 15 mm and 20 mm front thru axle hubs, the SM-HB20 lockring must be used.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

160 mm: E-SMRT54SI3


– 1 x Shimano SM-RT54 brake rotor

– 1 x lockring (black)


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Disc brake pad

use only resin brake pad

Cross section



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