Cancellation and Refund Policy

All bicycles/products sold by CycleWorld are subject to thorough quality checks before the order is shipped to the customer. CycleWorld ships original products to maintain complete customer satisfaction for the bicycle/product ordered. Cancellation/refund shall be entertained only based on the circumstances mentioned below.

In case of any damage that happens to the product during transit, you shall intimate the same to CycleWorld within 24 (Twenty Four) hours of receiving the shipment. For the purpose of verification of the claim, the requirements along with visual (images and videos) proofs shall be mailed to

For warranty-related claims that may arise with regards to any bicycle/product after the same being delivered to you and being communicated to CW with the following information to
image/video of the part in question;
invoice copy of the bicycle/product; and
Image of the picture frame number on the bicycle.
Considering the warranty terms set out by each brand, CycleWorld shall liaise with such brands to address the issue on a best-effort basis. The replacement part/product in question shall be shipped to you free of cost. In case, such an issue cannot be rectified, CycleWorld will process the return of the product and replace the bicycle/product (or) refund your payment.

In case, you would like to proceed with the cancellation of your order, a nominal cancellation charge of Rs. 1,200/- (Rupees One Thousand Two Hundred only) coupled with a transaction reversal fee of 2% (Two Percent) of the amount paid will be deducted before the processing of your refund. This shall be at the discretion of the CW Customer Support Team. In the event of the product being shipped either from the brand’s warehouse or from CycleWorld’s warehouse prior to raising a cancellation request, the request will not be considered.

In case a refund is approved by CycleWorld, the mode of refund will depend on your original payment method. If paid by credit/debit card/internet banking, refunds will be sent to the respective bank within 5 (Five) to 7 (Seven) business days of receipt of the returned item or cancellation request. Please contact your bank with queries regarding the refund credit to your account. For further questions, you can reach out to

If the product ordered is unavailable due to any unforeseen circumstances, CycleWorld would offer a 100% refund to the customer through the Original Mode of Payment.

For information about how to contact us, please visit our contact page.