Ultra Challenge

Cycleworld Ultra Challenge - Season 2

Virtual Event

Cycle World Proudly Launches THE ULTRA CHALLENGE Season 2.

Cycle World, the largest and most trusted bicycle retail franchise brings to you the 2nd VIRTUAL Edition of Cycle World ULTRA CHALLENGE Season 2– a riding challenge that tests your stamina, determination, and strength.

It is time to bring out the cycling enthusiasts in you. Ultra challenge is an opportunity for you to start, pushing your limits, to break out of your comfort zones, and ride along with Cycle World.


Cycleworld Ultra Challenge - Season 2

Event Categories


200 KM+
  • For participants - Certificates, Jerseys


500 KM+
  • For participants - Certificates, Jerseys, Medal


1000 KM +
  • For participants - Certificates, Jerseys, Medal, Gift Vouchers

Premium bike for Top 2 Performers.

Disclaimer: Organizers shall reserve the rights to alter dates if required and decide the winners based on the criterias of the event.



*Only for finishers(Above Resilience)

Dry Fit T-Shirt

*For All Participants


*For All Participants


Gift Vouchers

*For Lucky winners

Disclaimer: Organizers shall reserve the rights to alter dates if required and decide the winners based on the criterias of the event.

1. Register on https://www.townscript.com/e/cycleworld-ultra-challenge-season-2-110340

2. Choose category and Tshirt / Medal pick up point

3. Join and Track your activity with Strava App along with riding pics

STRAVA LINK – Click on the link to Join the Challenge

4. Upload your riding details on the link below.

Activity Log

4. Collect your Tshirts after confirmation from the organizer (Carry document proofs)

5. Plan your ride as per your distance and keep posting the app tracker’s screenshot and your riding pic on FB and Insta with #cycleworld and #ultrachallenge after every ride. Also WhatsApp to +91 8749000087.

Disclaimer: Organizers shall reserve the rights to alter dates if required and decide the winners based on the criterias of the event.

Frequency Asked Questions

When does Ultra Challenge Season 2 start?

The 2nd edition of Ultra Challenge starts on 25th Aug, and ends on 25th Sep.

What is the event registration fee?

 Details of registration fees are available at the ultra challenge page.

Can I register manually(offline)?

There are no offline or physical registrations for the event. Only online registrations are allowed.

How to register the ULTRA CHALLENGE Event?


Click Proceed button and Fill the details of the Rider, SAVE and SUBMIT

Where do I need to ride to take part in this event?

Any part in the WORLD, as per your route of choice, its a Virtual Event. On a road near your home, ride to work, this is completely your choice. Don’t forget to wear your helmet and take all due precautions on the road.

How do I record my activity?

You would need to record the activity on an activity app known as Strava.

How does Strava app work?

Click on the below link to see a tutorial, How to use Strava.


Can I use any other application?

No,only data from Strava is accepted.

Where do I submit my activity?

2 steps

1. Click and join the Strava club link provided, to see leader boards and to track your activity.

2. Upload your Strava recorded data in the activity log for our references,https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftTq7xcavvMZREkJ5UfIYwuZIRK2mf6FcwjNmE4-1btO8rlQ/closedform


Do I need to update the data daily?

Yes, the Activity log should be updated after each ride.

Can I do multiple rides in a day?

Yes,You can, the criterias on each registered category should be followed.

Is there any age limitation for the event?

 Yes,only 18+ individuals are alllowed to participate.

Can I take rest/Brake between ride?

Yes. Avoid closing the activity in STRAVA till complete the ride.

If I dropped out from the event, can I get my money back

No, Refund of the money not available

When I will get the T-Shirt

You will be getting the T-Shirt by 15th of September by courier to the registered address. Pickup from store also available.
For International riders T-Shirt will be shipped to the local address(within India) provided by Riders or T-Shirt will be shipped @ Riders cost

When I will get the certificates, Gift voucher and Medals

Medals, Gift Voucher and Certificates will be issued after Event is over.

Do I need smart watch to track my ride?

No your can be recorder STRAVA application through your smart phone

Still Have A Questions?

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.