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Andreas Seewald registers his 5th consecutive stage win at 12th Hero MTB Himalaya 2016

7 days into 12th Hero MTB Himalaya, the riders have traveled a distance of 449 kms. The 6th Stage on the 7th day named Heaven’s ridge was a short stretch of 56.3kms featuring an elevation gain of 1,590m and an elevation loss of 824m.
Maximum elevation of 2,040m was achieved by the riders travelling from IIT Mandi, Kamand to Jatingri. Riders were awestruck with the spectacular views of Himalayan landscapes, with the majestic Dauladhars on one side, views to the flatlands on the other and mountains of Kullu District.
The race also went along Diana Park.
Andreas Seewald continued his command in the race and finished the stage in a time 2:21:43. This is his 5th consecutive stage win in the race. Cory Wallace was trailing Rocky Mountain Team 19th minute into the race. He finished 2nd with a time of 2:32:27.
A couple of small crashes happened, Marcus Werf riding under Masters Solo category injured his thigh.
Top 5 Riders:
Andreas Seewald: 2:21:43
Cory Wallace: 2:32:27
Andreas Hartmann: 2:32:28
Manuel Weissenbacher: 2:32:28
Jason English: 2:32:28
Top Indian Rider:
Devender Thakur: 2:52:27
Shiven: 3:00:21
David Kumar: 3:16:02
Top 3 Open Men Solo:
Andreas Seewald: 2:21:43
Cory Wallace: 2:32:27
Jason English: 2:32:29
Top 3 Open Women Solo:
Ilda Pereira: 03:06:05
Catherine Williamson: 3:06:06
Top Masters Solo:
Johan Labuschagne: 2:52:28