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Cycle as a vehicle of future

We have a deep connection with cycle. As children, cycle is usually the first vehicle that we ever lay our hands on. And now cycles may be the only vehicles that see the future of transportation. Although, such a world might seem too far-fetched to imagine, the prospect of cycles becoming a vehicle of the future is not completely impossible.

With increasing population, depletion of natural resources does not come as a major surprise. However, we still have not figured out a means to overcome this problem of diminished resources. Petrol and diesel consumed by cars and buses are non-renewable and therefore cannot face the ravages of time. Furthermore, it contributes immensely to polluting the environment which causes several physical and mental health problems to people.

Relaying mind boggling views

Cycling offers a spectacular opportunity to work out from beyond the confines of four walls. In fact, it renders a better view than an outdoor gym too. Cycling allows individuals to explore locations, hidden alleys, secret coffee shops and become one with nature.

Transporting endorphins everywhere

We are all aware of the positive correlation between physical exercise and mental health. What better way to exercise one’s muscles, mind and body than cycling? Cycling acts as complete body work-out. Indulging in such an intensive activity makes the heart pump blood thoroughly throughout the body enabling more oxygen flow to various body parts.

Safer roads

With cycles everywhere, in each neighborhood, owned by all our acquaintances, replacing the old, polluting vehicles, doesn’t the world seem a lot safer and quieter? It will, when the eco-friendly cycles are the only accessible vehicles in the near future. We can surely imagine no newspapers reporting trucks ramming into scooters, or cars running over pedestrians. Roads will therefore be a lot safer.

Reality checks in

We analyzed the benefits offered by cycles not only to our physical health but also to our mental health. However, we need to be realistic about such a scenario to make it happen.