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COVID – 19 virus is a pandemic across the World, & Cut to point

Given the situation and a paradigm shift in people 's mind, this is the right moment to encourage more Kids - Adults - Senior Citizens to take up cycling as Play - Commute - Fitness Activity.  Cycling is just not reserved for physical activity but also has a great influence on mental fitness too, which is undoubtedly the need of the hour.

Cycling can benefit people with reduced anxiety, to better postures, and account to more savings monthly, yearly. 

We have seen the upsurge with advanced cars and motorbikes and urge people to look into the not so left behind, Cycle Industry.

Today's bikes are way better than what a 80's or 90's kid had access to with better frames and yes!! Much lighter in weight, also great gear patterns to eradicate any monotony involved.

E - Bikes are like an Oasis in the desert, with pedal assist tech, riding these cycles is no less than a mini teleporting feeling!

As these bikes give you a push when u pedal. It's like one cup of ice cream free on another cup!

A must to be experienced than told.

All this said, we as a community and personally I feel cycling needs to be given more importance on roads, with better parking, dedicated lanes ,.. yes! Even small ones will do, for us to revisit new gen cycles and break the inertia involved in it.

Dedicated lanes and parking spots is a request we put across to all our Civic Authorities, politicians and The Police Traffic Commissioner.

As a number of groups are more than willing to help them as we heal mother nature and build more immunity for ourselves.

Imagine instead of taking an auto or cab, if you could cycle to the office that day! And you're saved by an unseen virus.

What more can bread winners and equally important bread bakers of the family ask for.

Our children and elderly parents are the apple of eyes and if we take up cycling, I am sure they too will try to make a change to compliment us.

# we need Cycle Lanes in Bengaluru.

Many cities and countries have them.

We need ours!

Your - Cycle Friend -

Abhijit S Pavar
Cycle World Riders Club
Events Head
91 8904676416