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CycleWorld proudly launches THE ULTRA CHALLENGE

Cycling is one of the most riveting activities you can indulge in to keep up your health. Since time immemorial, cycling has been a staple of regular exercise and health activity across the country. From common folk to the most affluent of people indulge in cycling to keep themselves healthy and also for recreational purposes. There have been a plethora of platforms which reward cycling and rightly so, there is no wrong occasion for getting your gear on and hop on a cycle!

Cycles come in so many different variations and cater to the need of the customer. Whether it is a simple ride across the street or traversing a mountain road, cycles have been developed and refined in multiple iterations to serve each purpose. Infact, cycling has become a facet of celebrating various occasions as well! Marathons, charities, and celebrating various other endearing events as well.
With each iteration more inclusive and advanced than the last, cycles have gone on to become a cornerstone of the hectic, modern lifestyle. It is in that endeavor, that CycleWorld have brought you a tremendous amount of options which deliver on all fronts! CycleWorld has been at the forefront of developing prudent and immaculate designs which will empower your desires!

Our ergonomic and tactful cycle designs provide the comfort and strength you need to aid your journey regardless of distance.
CycleWorld, the biggest and most riveting bicycle retail franchise brings to you to another STUPENDOUS edition of CycleWorld ULTRA CHALLENGE – a riding challenge that tests you mettle! All of your attributes including your strength , determination and stamina. Bring out the fire in your spirit and put your abilities to the test with CycleWorld’s ULTRA CHALLENGE! Blitz past your limitations in this ultimate battle of perseverance and desire. Victory isn’t certain but it all rides on YOU!

It is time to find and bring out the cycling enthusiasts in you. Ultra challenge is a riveting opportunity for you to break past your limits and ride out of your comfort zones. CycleWorld is here with the platform you’re looking for to showcase your strength.
Tremendous cycling event to test your resolve!

Strap on your helmets, polish your bike and RIDE OUT into this blazing contest of mental and physical capabilities.

Here are our event categories;


Show your mettle across 50KM TO 200KM

Let’s get this contest started!


200KM TO 500KM

Want to establish your foothold? Breeze past the amateur level.


500KM TO 1500KM
Consistency and tenacity is key!

Here are the milestones you’re looking for.

Endurance and Tenacity


The strength of your endeavours is only hindered by your mindset! Test your limits in a race against time, rise above to the challenge!
CycleWorld has created a platform for you to display your strengths and abilities! Do you have it in you to compete? We think you do, so come on out!