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Embrace Cycling to Lose Weight

Still, smothering over the chances of losing weight just by cycling? Wondering whether to choose biking over gyming? Then don't ponder any further because proven facts tell you that cycling can redeem you of those excessive fats from your body. Burn off those extra calories in a fun, healthy, and environment-friendly way. Bring a cycle into your life and make cycling your daily regime.


Did you know that moderate cycling can burn about 300 calories in just under an hour? If these figures aren’t enough for you to give a head start then consider the fact that buying a cycle, which by the way can be a friend for life, will cost you way less than your monthly gym subscription. In effect, it will cost you next to nothing. Then why spend your hard-earned money and time on that expensive equipment when you can truly enjoy the pleasure of losing weight with probably just a 30 min ride on your humble cycle. Just imagine enjoying the blissful nature, the gentle breeze, the morning rays, or the evening sunset view, what more can you ask for to begin a beautiful day or maybe bring an end to a stressful work routine. All these cherishing experiences with a rewarding weight loss.


In effect introducing cycling into your daily routine is not that very difficult if that is what is stopping you from getting a bike. It is as simple as running your day to day errands on a cycle. Go get your groceries, or maybe visit a friend or a relative or even better - cycle to work, and if the work location is far then cycle to a possible destination, and from there you can pick up public transport. Ideas are numerous, all you need to do is just grab a bike and get going.


There is no argument on the certainty of cycling being the most enjoyable means of slimming down. Get yourself into better shape and healthy living by pairing a cycling routine with a salubrious diet. Healthy eating and a good night’s sleep with regular exercise is the only proven recipe for weight loss. Regardless of whether you are an amateur rider or a seasoned pro, losing weight cycling can be achieved by applying a few simple techniques. Here are some tips to motivate you:


  • Be patient and have self-control. We all know weight loss does not happen overnight. To build up that endurance. If you are a beginner, ride at a moderate pace. Once you get a hold of your pace, you can try including 2 or 3 high-intensity sessions a week.
  • Eat healthily and at regular intervals. This also means that you need to stay clear of those temptations that can make you wander off from your goal.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Six to eight hours of sleep is essential to help the body repair and build muscle after each day. 
  • Cut down on your sugar consumption. This includes your alcohol intake as well.
  • Make your commute count. Ensuring a bike ride for every possible commute that is a part of your day to day life will make your every pedal count. Run your errands or cycle to work. Make the most out of your travel.
  • Hydrate yourself. Definitely, old school advice but those electrolytes which you lose from your sweat need to be replenished so have your refills ready.
  • Avoid overtraining. Don’t go too hard on your bike particularly if you are getting into cycling or starting to do more. You might risk tiring yourself out completely or even worse might even injure yourself and therefore putting yourself out of action.
  • Last but never least - Enjoy your ride. The best thing about cycling is the fun involved. Whether you like speeding along the streets or ripping along mountain bike trails, or long contemplative rides on your own or social rides with family and friends, there is a lot to love about cycling and you’ll almost forget that you’re actually exercising while doing it.


If well integrated into your life, biking can be a very effective way of burning calories. With proper eating habits and daily cycling exercise, there is no doubt that you can shed those extra pounds, and who does not want to get lighter and leaner in their lycra.


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