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Famous Cycle Groups in India!

If you plan on riding for leisure and doing the riding part occasionally, you don’t necessarily need to get trained with a load of professional riders.

In such a case, you can join a club where you will find people with similar aim and ambition as yours. Cycle clubs bring similar minded people to one common platform so that they can interact and share their mutual passion for pedaling.

If you love cycling and want to buy a second hand cycle before investing a huge amount on a brand-new cycle, there are also a few groups where you can easily find out a perfect cycle according to your needs. Those who wish to ride in a group but haven’t been lucky enough to find themselves partners, here is a list of some famous cycle groups where you can become a member and ride in a group:

1. Cyclop

Just like the Olx and Quikr, Cyclop is a bicycle buying and selling group where you can easily buy or sell your bicycle. The members of the group are so much synced with each other, that could be seen from the extraordinary response to the posts in the group. If you are looking for a used one, then this is the place for you.

2. Cyclesutra

Cyclesutra was started with the aim to make cycling more fun as well as meaningful and to provide enthusiasts with a common platform to bond and connect. It has emerged into a huge family and has been enjoying the long riding sessions on every weekend.

3. GODCE (Group of Delhi Cycling Enthusiasts)

The members of this group are so obsessed with bicycle riding that they even don’t believe in Google’s distance and love to measure the distance each time they find any new place.

4. Cycling Go

The members of Cycling Goa group know only one thing and that is cycling. People here are truly inclined towards bicycles. The group also has one lady member, who is the first Indian lady to take part in 1200 km race to be held in Delhi.

5. Mumbai Cycle Enthusiasts

The group was started with a motto to bring all the cycle aficionados to same place to talk about the every possible aspect about cycling.

6. Delhi Collective Cyclists

It is a group which provides an ease to all the members with the latest news in the cycle industry along with the upcoming events and races. The group believes in exchange of thoughts that keeps the members updated. The group is also about selling bicycles and bicycle components.

7. Noida cycling club

The group is open for all but before joining, the admin straight away ask all the new members to fill a registration form that includes all the safety norms and rules. Apart from these things, they simply believe in four factors: Ride, Eat, Explore, Click photos.

Members of a club get to ride along with the supervision of the senior riders and also get to learn many rules which are necessary for the bicycle riding.

Apart from fun ride, there are various clubs which always keep on arranging different types of adventure bicycle events which are sufficient to give goose bumps to the riders.

Join them for a different experience all together or even better start one of your own cycling groups!!