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Given a choice between a safe ride on a bicycle and a public transport, Which one will you choose?

Undeniably the pandemic has brought the humble cycle back to prevalence. The fear of using public transport for day to day commute has brought back the value a bicycle deserves. Every state in the country is witnessing this changing trend.

While Bangalore is seeing an exponential growth in cycle sales, other metropolitan cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata are all seeing this upswing giving way to a whole new definition of man’s one of the earliest creations. Across cities, several of them are preferring cycles over any other mode of transport whether it is for running daily errands, or to go to work or for exercising.

 And it's not just for the fear of using public transport, but the cycle is gaining momentum because of its health benefits as well. With the governments halving the capacity of buses and metros and strict adherence to social distancing norms, people are left with very little choices. The ones who can afford private vehicles are taking their own transport but the ones who rely only on public transport are left with only one best option and that is the bicycle.

The bicycle stores are coming back to life again and showrooms are seeing record business in the last couple of months which is expected to rise several fold.

                Although the normal road bikes are the ones which are peaking the sales but other bikes like multi gear and mountain bikes are also in demand. People from all walks of life be it IT professional, teachers, doctors, bank employees are all opting for this safer and healthier mode of commute. No matter which model it is all cycle prototypes are seeing rocket high sales. And many of the stores are struggling to meet the demands as the stocks are replenishing.

As our lifestyles change for the better, the only thing left to do is to make the roads safer for the bike riders. Hopefully the government bodies will pay attention to people’s heed for introducing bike routes. If that comes into effect like many other countries, India is sure to move into the direction of achieving an unpolluted, clean and pure atmosphere free of vehicles that make our lives miserable with traffic jams, when we have such an amazing option right in front of us and that too at a very affordable price. No one can deny that this is the best gift that we can give our future generations to come - a healthy and safe place to live.