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Why Cycle is Reviving as the New Age transportation in Post-Pandemic India?

You may call it an age old mode of transportation, but interestingly in recent times, with the occurrence of COVID-19, Cycle seems to be a boon for people under the heavy lockdown since March 2020 in India. The sales of bicycle in India last year have crossed 18 million. Since emergence of the pandemic, CORONA virus has thumped upon the world. People faced hardest time even while going to bring basic amenities like stationary, medicines, and essential goods. When the government imposed heavy lockdown all over the country, maximum time’s one menace raised in everyone’s mind, how would they go out?

Since past few decades, we have seen people riding bicycles mostly from underprivileged and deprived community. To our surprise, this Pandemic has changed the dynamic. India has seen how people from privileged, rich background, from all strata of the society, are going back to simple art of living.

Top cycle manufacturer companies in India documented their last year's experience on how they didn’t know that they have to fulfil a sudden arising demand in cycle industry , as initially they didn’t expect astounding surge in demand. After a few months, the struggle settled in. In fact, in the past few months people are more inclined to buy bicycle online than to visit store.

The Emerging cycle groups in India

Post–lockdown, when gyms and swimming pools were shutting down, people yet again understood the importance of these delicate two wheelers, when it becomes an exemplary alternative to core gymming session. The boon of daily pedal movement is that it even makes your heart smile along with a plethora of medically proven health benefits.

As per emerging cycling groups, they formed cycling event, cycling marathon all across cities including metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Bengaluru as it has become a ‘fitness mantra’ for many. On the contrary, it is an undenying fact that the biggest problem of any third world countries like India is during Pandemic they faced mass-hunger because of lack of availability of food items. These cycle groups successfully recorded their name and bagged righteous fame by delivering basic commodities to the needy, food mongers.

In reviving cycle industry, metro cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai played a pivotal role. Kolkata is known for its heavy traffic congestion, yet in the time of lockdown, many daily passengers relied only upon bicycles to hit the road. Bengaluru based bicycle manufacturer companies have reported how they came across an upswing in demand. According to them, from 8 to 80 years old, everyone is riding a bicycle as they want to stay fit both physically & mentally.

Urban Cycling – a post pandemic concept

With the advent of COVID-19, the concept of ‘urban cycling’ has been resurrected. Campaigning like #pedalkaro #pedalbychoice is trending from thousands of Twitter handles to promote urban cycling in India. In a way, we have to acknowledge the fact that how such orientation; campaigning, collective marketing strategy brings in mobility in reviving the traditional bicycle as ‘path breaking boon of today’.

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