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Cycling around your city to change your life

Cycling has so many health benefits that it’s often astounding to just go through the list of health risks that it addresses. Science has already proved that regular cycling reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and even cancer, and considering how convenient it is, it’s no surprise that citizens of most developed European countries have started relying on cycles for their everyday commute.

Even though we all live terribly packed lives, just some time on a cycle can do wonders for your health. Short city rides on a bike are ideal for those of us living in concrete jungles saddled with sedentary lifestyles thanks to our office jobs. Getting on a bike everyday will not only help alleviate daily stress but also help you discover how charming city life can be. Yes, cities are not only about buildings, pollution, concrete structures and never ending traffic but also about those unnoticed magical places.

With so many advantages, is it any wonder that cycling is so popular? But just in case, you still need to be convinced, here are nine big health reasons why your next decision in life should be to start cycling everyday :

  1. 50% Reduction in risk of coronary heart disease by cycling just 20 miles a week. Read More
  2. 300 calories burnt per hour by steady cycling. Read More
  3. 40% Lower risk for diabetes by cycling 30 minutes a day. Read More
  4. 34% Lower risk for breast cancer for frequent women cyclists. Read More
  5. 1.3 tonnes Greenhouse gases prevented every year by cycling 10 km every day. Read More
  6. 10 Cycles can be parked in the space of one car. Read More
  7. 1% Is the cost of buying and maintaining a cycle as compared to a car. Read More
  8. 9 years Is the biological difference between a cyclist who rides 45 minutes a week and a non-cyclist. Read More
  9. 11 pounds of fat is burnt in a year by cycling just 30 minutes a day. Read More

Today is world heart day. A day when people from around the world rally together to spread awareness about the importance of keeping our hearts healthy. What better time than now to listen to your heart and start cycling towards a healthy tomorrow!